Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 26th E-mail

HELLO!!! Whats happening family! So you are probably wondering why I haven't written back yet but its because Memorial Day we decided to work so we could talk to more people.. and it was worth it I believe! So we took our p-day today. This week has been really good.. We found 3 more new investigators! I was watching conference today for personal study and you guys have to do something for me.. together (mom and dad) I want you to read (you could even throw James and Jen and Shel and Tyler in there too) but read Elder Bednar's talk and Elder Stevenson's talk and then set a date every week that you are going to go to the temple and go! We live 3 minutes away and there is no reason you shouldn't be going to the temple! If you already are going well then excuse my criticism (if that is how you spell it...) But seriously those talks blew me away this morning and the temple is where it is at! So those are the 2 things... I tell you what it is so crazy how fast time is flying, it seriously goes way too fast. So get this (funny story) Yesterday we are over at a recent converts house to give her baby a blessing and we are waiting for another guy from the church to get there and so I am outside playing with the kids and one of the neighbor kids was over as well and he was maybe like 5 or 6 I don't know somewhere in there and anyways he went and got this brand new skateboard that his mom just bought him and I was like hey let me see that and he handed it to me and I ollied (meaning jumped up and did a trick) on it and when I came down I broke it! and the kid was like... you just broke my skateboard... LOL! Don't worry though I felt really bad and I am going to buy him a new one today at Wal-Mart (that's where his mom got the first one...) but now its so funny! I mean I hate when I do things like that but I do them so often that now I just accept them and laugh :D lol! Oh and one more favor! Tell Shelly and James that neither of them had a good excuse not to write me! I gave them 1 more day and they still couldn't even write me... jeez.. I see what is going on here.. there is just no love.. :D lol! MOM DAD! I love you though! You are faithful and diligent in your writing! :D Tell everyone hello from me and that I love them (even if you think I don't love them) and no I'm not on drugs! Thank you for everything! Mom no rush on those cookies.. Ill just put them with my Easter package... LOL! I'm just kidding :D Well remember what it means to say that the church is true! There is a lot that happens with that sentence.. and not only do we say it but do we show it! I love you guys so much! Take care! and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
Elder Penman

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