Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October 27th E-mail

Whats going on?!?!
How have you guys been?!?! It's good to hear from you guys! I'm glad you are searching me out a beanie... I did end up buying one but its not exactly argyle and so if you find one then you find one... and the whole boots search has pretty much been unsuccessful. I did talk to a guy who works in the army and he said that I could probably get a pair of their boots... so anyways I will keep my eyes open. lol Mom that's great that you used my quote :D I'm glad it worked out for ya! I'm way excited for Halloween on Friday! WOOT! At like 5 we get to go have a "district meeting" for the rest of the night but really its just going to be a party :D We are going to carve pumpkins and play games! Its going to be sweet! I am excited! Okay so this week we went to "the Potter's house" (another church) cause we did a church swap with this guy and on the way there I'm driving along and we are getting close to the place so I wanted to check the address real quick and so I looked down at the flyer that the guy gave us and said hey elder wanna check that real quick and when I looked up I clipped the island and it popped a nice hole in the side of the tire and bent the rim. But we just pulled over and changed it real quick and then we went to the church. So I hope I don't get "black dotted" which means you cant drive anymore... but oh well I don't think I will. It was just very dumb and could have been avoided.. but what do ya do..

Anyways that church was one big HRRRRRRRP! So when the pastor was wrapping things up he is saying if anyone hasn't accepted Christ as their savior and wants to now just raise your hand and there is only like 20 people there if that and you could tell that we were the only new ones... so the guys that invited us come up to me and go Elder Penman, are you sure you are all squared away with Jesus? I was like absolutely! He goes oh oh ya I thought so- I was just asking. Lol! But hrrrp! I cant believe that those people don't leave wanting more!! That's insane! But oh well! So we got a text today from Tessa and Jacob and they are engaged and so that means that this Saturday we will be having a wedding! And Sunday Jacob will get the priesthood! And then next Saturday Jacob will baptize Tessa! Its going to be so freaking cool! I will let you know all about it! I am very very very excited!

Well this month pretty much went by really fast! Transfers are mid November -calls on the 15 and moves on the 18... So I am glad to see some success with elder Ashton! Pres Clark is very happy with me and that I am having success with Elder Ashton.. he told me before I ever got Elder Ashton to make sure that he sees success in River Ridge... so its exciting! So dad we went golfing today and their was 9 of us cause some of the elders brought someone with them and so they split us up in groups of 3. Anyways, they didn't have enough bags to go around so I golfed left handed lol! I didn't do as bad as I thought I would have but it was way hard and I sucked big time! lol I'm definitely a right hander. :D

Well I hope highland tears it up! I am so glad to hear from you guys and to see how you are being blessed while I am here and to see how happy you are! We had stake conference this weekend and got a new stake pres and 2 of the 70 were there and they were awesome! One of them said for every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Who can afford that? I was like wow that is so true! All things no matter what it is we have a choice and if we always choose happiness then we will be a lot better off! I hope you guys had a wonderful week! I love hearing from you and thanks for everything! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Take good care of yourselves! and I will talk to you later! Give Shannon a BIG hug from me! I love you guys! Tell everyone hello and I love them! Thank them for all that they do for me! take care!

Love ya!
Elder Penman

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