Monday, August 11, 2008


how are you guys?!?! well i am doing fabulous! things are moving along in the mission! oh man well i am way excited that shel and Tyler and Logan are going to be in Utah that's going to be fun for everyone! you guys better take lots of pics and send em to me.. so we got are all moved in but i still don't know the official address to my house and so just keep sending things to the other address until i tell ya a new one cause they are like 2 mins away and they will just run it over to me :D well this week was a little slower but we still had some cool things happen! elder Clyde has to start rounding all of his things up so that he can send stuff home and get packed and so he is starting to realize that he is going home and he is getting a little trunky but not near as
bad as all of the other elders in my district that still have a while to go.. but anyways he still wants to work and so that's what we are going to keep doing!! i am getting a little nervous to take over the area though but i know that i can.. Elder Clyde is way cool and I'm gonna miss him but that's ok he has taught me a lot and if i can just become the missionary that he is then i will
be very happy! well lets see this week we started teaching a young couple (married) and they have a 2 month old son and they are pretty much golden their names are Tessa and Jacob and their sons name is Jacob also and they are pretty much church shopping because they want to raise Jacob with some religious background and so we are very excited about them so pray that they will keep their commitments and be home when we go over :D I would appreciate te it :D lol well lets see mom I do understand that Hobo's are very dangerous spiders but do you think i want to breed some wussy spiders?!?! NO WAY! only the strong survive out here mom! :D lol but we caught another one and her name is Suzy and Suzy went in a little pissed off at the world and killed all of the other spiders... (even stuck) and so that's ok too because like i said getting into this spider breeding business i knew that only the strong would survive so i was going to
have to deal with a little loss once in a while... but don't worry mom i will take pics of the tank we keep em in... they are actually in a garage that doesn't have power too it so it kinda sets the tone for the whole spider breeding thing... you know dark and a little scary :D you have to go in there with your flashlight :D lol if it makes you feel any better though we caught a black widow too and we are going to keep her in a separate place :D along with the e other 50 black widows that live in that garage :D i love the new place though! i wont complain about the beds cause i know James will be like please he should have slept on the ground in Mexico but the members house we moved out of spoiled us with AWESOME beds and now our beds suck really bad and so I'm just not used to it yet :D and i would just sleep on the floor but there are quite a few hobos in our house lol :D well dad i hope football is going good! we went over to some less active's house and the vikings were playing the seahawks maybe?... i dunno but anyways it almost made me cry lol! if anything i hope football season just goes by fast so that i wont have to be tempted :D lol! but i hope you guys are looking good for this year! you will have to keep me up to date! well lets see i
don't know if anything too exciting happened this week but i love you guys so much and keep reading your scriptures! show heavenly father where your heart is and he will pour out blessings upon you! i can promise you that! i love you guys so much have a ton of fun with shel and Tyler and tell everyone to write me and tell the grandparents that i love them!!! oh and good news i stepped on the scale today and i lost 5 lbs. so go ahead and send me goodies again lol! :D i love you guys! have a good week! take care and whap dad in the nuts for not writing me :D!
Love/Elder Penman

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