Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mail Came Early!

Hey you cute little thing! Thank you for your sweet little letter and those pics of my fam! Eva is so darn cute! But I wouldn't mind at least one pic with ya know... YOU in it! :) You're so dang cute that I think you should send a million pics a week of you! I mean, I'm not saying that my dad flipping me off with a brush while in his painting clothes isn't cute! LOL No, I really enjoyed them! Thanks! So this week was crazy crazy crazy! I wrote most of it to my parents though so I'm sure you have already read that. But we did have a baptism on Saturday and it was amazing! I ended up speaking about the Holy Ghost and it was very awesome. Cason was confirmed on Sunday and E. Clyde did that also. It was awesome because Sunday was the big bring your friend to church day. That sacrament meeting was so good! Wow! It just focused on Christ, which is the way it should be. We ended up with 5 of our investigators there and 1 of them was a girl named Jasmin. She went to girls camp this week and she sang in Sacrament meeting with the young women! It was so cool to see a non-member get up and participate in sacrament. Then we found out that the day before she went to girls camp she told her mom that she wanted to be baptised! Her mom said that it was a good and honorable thing, and she wants her to, but she wants her to wait a little bit and think about it. Unless she feels the need to do it sooner! So we are working on it :) But the thing is before when we taught her, we taught the restoration and the commandments, and never once mentioned baptism. So I know with all my heart that if you create an atmosphere where the spirit can be present then no matter what you teach, the spirit will teach them what they need to know! The girl in the picture that E. Clyde is doing her hair is Wendy. Wendy and Jasmin are cousins, but Wendy is less active, and so we have been teaching them together and we hadn't mentioned anything once again, but Wendy came right out and asked us if she should get a different job so that she can go to church because she works on Sunday. She tells us that every time she reads and studies the BOM that is all she thinks about! So it is amazing how the spirit guides and works on people! I seriously freaking love being out here! I am so glad that I am here and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! Its so fun to just always be serving others! But anyways, yes the Brennan's dog is a mastiff...they have 3 of them! Its crazy! But the other 3 dogs(Molly, Katie, and Becky) are the Brough's doggies. They are so cute! But sure we can still get a great Dane as long as he doesn't try to eat you! LOL So we get our P-day on Friday and a bunch of missionaries from E. Clyde's last area are getting together so we are going to go and have a 2v2 companionship basketball tourney! I know that we are going to freaking slaughter anyone that we play! :) It is going to be so much fun! So one of these days I will start a tape! Don't worry, it will come, but you have to send me pics of you with the grapes before I will start it! :) Gotcha! How's that for a bribe! LOL well I love you so much! I really like the washing your car pics! They are my favorite so far! Send me more pics! Let me know if you get that job and how school is going for you! I love you! We can do this!
Love, Elder Ryan John

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