Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Are All Missionaries

HEY HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADIO!! hey so how was your fathers day?!?! in honor of you they gave out cookies to the fathers in sacrament and i grabbed some from one of the girls and ate em all :D lol so your going to have to buy me golf! oh goody! i will think about where i want to go! in fact i went golfing today! i shot a 50 on like the easiest course ever still par 35 but i mean it was mostly straight and meh whatever my clubs really super sucked! so you hate cutting stuff in huh? well just remember so spread the brush out and go really slow and have a little patience and it will turn out just fine! :D you are definitely going to have to send me pictures of it when you are done! lol so my comp did know elder Hobbs... i think he thinks he was a hoser cause he didn't say much about him.. lol i called elder Clyde a cornholer tho and he was like what does that mean i hole corn?!?! and i started laughing so hard! i was like yep that exactly what it means... lol and i always threaten to give him a flying Dutchman at night but i wont tell him what it is.. so anyways the other day i am laying on my bed before church and i am giving him crap and he gets all flustered and has an aunt Janet moment and goes "ima give you a swimming silverman!!!" and i started laughing so hard i was crying! wow it was so funny! he couldn't remember what it was called :D but ya i haven't actually given him one yet but I'm sure he will get one soon! but hey i hope you had a great fathers day! i love you so much i wish i could have kicked ur trash in golf for fathers day or something.. if ya miss me just have James whap ya or something.... I'm sure he will be up for it.. but hey the work is awesome out here.! we had a few people drop us this week which kinda sucks because you think they are progressing so well... but oh well.. the elect will listen so they will get another chance... MOM! !!!! hey hows it going?!?! how is the best job in the world coming along?!?! so i haven't heard or seen this blog the Shannon made for me? everyone mentioned it tho and she put it together AND its of me so it must be pretty sweet :D so how are ya mom? you enjoying life? i sure as heck hope so because it is so crazy to see people's lifestyles and all of their struggles that don't have the wonderful knowledge that we have! if anything my time here so far has made me appreciate everything that i know! and i am so thankful for that! and it is so true joy and happiness radiate its great to see strange looks on peoples faces and then a little smile come out while we are around them! me and my comp get along so great we have an awesome bond i guess. which is so cool because when you and your comp have a wonderful relationship then you can invite the spirit easier and it makes the work go so much smoother and so it makes me want to serve a mission with my wife some day because i don't know anyone that i could get along with better or be closer and more united too than my eternal companion! its so wonderful! this gospel is amazing! so reading your scrips i hope isn't a chore i hope it brings you a level of happiness that you cant even describe to others! because that's what its all about! mom i love you so much! you have taught me a lot! you and dad have been great examples to me! and i just want to say thanks to both of you! but i love you both so much!i took some more pics and i am sending them to Shannon so have her come show you them again or put them on the blog! there is this one church that always puts up funny signs and so we take pics of em! so i hope you like em! but don't worry about me i am doing great! i love you both and i love hearing from you! happy fathers day dad! take care both of you! and ill keep working hard! remember we are all missionaries! and if we set aside time everyday for the lord (read our scrips,pray,etc) then when we are challenged to stand up for what we believe in he will be right there with us and the spirit will put the words in our mouths! so don't be afraid! and be good examples! i love ya! take care! send me cookies!!!! lol
Love/Elder Goob


Cher said...

Who ever the wonderful friends are that started this blog of one of our very most favorite goobs in the world, THANK YOU!
It will be wonderful to read his email and actually see how he is doing.

He has been on our minds and in our prayers daily!

Please post his mailing address...
maybe for some of those cookies...:)

SheL said...

Wow, it is amazing to hear his testimony. He is such an awesome example.