Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5th E-mail

Whats happenin! LOL That must have been a pretty good guilt trip talk i gave for both of you to tell me that you didn't gamble! lol! I am however glad that you had a good time! Happy late Anniversary. So feel free to open the suit case. The code is 530 for the lock. Oh and if you get in the very front of the bag there is a picture that is in a folder looking thing and its a big picture of the whole mission when Elder Bednar came. If you want you can get that out and buy a frame for it and frame it for me and put it up on my wall :D That would be awesome. But you will notice that i sent both 2 pairs of boots home and also both of my shoes that i bought before i came out home. There are those black slacks that i sent home that are pretty worn out. I'm keeping those as a souvenir. So you can go ahead and open the stuff. just don't throw anything away... in fact it would be better if you took the shoes out.. They are probably smashed in there. Funny thing is that since i sent that stuff home. (winter stuff) It has snowed twice lol! don't worry though. Some member are going to let me borrow a jacket for this week and then the weather is supposed to get better..

We got our transfer calls. We are staying together. James probably already told you that lol. That was so crazy. But oh well. Cool thing is that Elder Brady is coming to Pullman to be with Elder Pulver. So he will be in my district when i die! woot! That will be cool. He is way excited. I'm freaking excited too though. Its going to be awesome.

So...April Fool's was awesome. The first prank we pulled was on Elder Pulver and Elder Lay, two missionaries in our district. Elder Lay called us the night before the 1st while E. Pulver was in the shower and told us to call at 7 in the morning while he was in the shower to tell E. Pulver that Bro. Hansen, the high counselor, called because apparently Elder Lay has been talking on the phone with Bishop's daughter. Now, Elder Pulver doesn't trust Elder Lay because Lay had a cell phone a few months ago and was texting his dad and all this stuff but got caught and threw it away. President Palmer told him to keep a close eye on him. Well, taking this joke to the next step, we got up at 6:30 and put on all of our missionary clothes and drove over there. We walk in and sit Elder Pulver down and tell him the whole deal and then proceed to tell him that Lay is getting emergency transferred that morning. Elder Lay gets out of the shower, not expecting us to be there, and plays along with it and we just tell him to start packing because he is getting emergency transferred. Elder Pulver looked so distraught and didn't even know what to do. We told them that we were going to go get some breakfast and that we would be back in a few minutes. We came back and Elder Lay, still going along with the joke, had packed a suitcase and a half! We asked Elder Pulver if Elder Lay had said anything and he was like, "He hasn't said a word!" We brought them together and said, "While we were at breakfast President Palmer called and wanted to tell you April Fool's!" Elder Pulver jumps out of his seat yelling, "You guys are so gay!" It was awesome. He got pranked so good. We all hugged and made up and then left.

The NEXT joke was on this girl Kynsey. She is a freshman here and comes to a few of our teaching appointments throughout the week. We like to joke with her because she takes it well and we are just really good at pulling pranks. We had talked to her about 4 nights in a row when we were securing appointments and the such and had actually seen her at one of our dinner appointments that week so we had seen her a lot more than usual. I called Elder Townsend and told him to call her and pretend to be an office missionary who had been checking the phone records and saw that we had been in contact with her and was wondering why. He basically said that President Palmer was on his way down to interview me and Elder Penman and that I would be getting emergency transferred. He then went on about the rules of conduct between missionaries and members of the opposite sex. When he called us after he said that she didn't even know what to say and just said a lot of OK's and alright's. He told her that President Palmer would be calling her in a little bit. THEN we got ANOTHER missionary to call and pretend to be President Palmer and he talked to her about what happened. Eventually Elder Penman called her, acting very depressed, and she was like "What is going on?!" He told her that he didn't really know, apologized a bunch of times, and said that I would be getting transferred. You could tell that she had bit pretty hard and was probably about to cry. Eventually, after a few minutes of discomfort, we told her that President Palmer wanted to tell her April Fool's. She was like, "I knew it! Where are you guys?! I'm going to kill you! I was just talking to my mom and cried on the phone a little bit and she told me that sometimes things just happen and that I need to go with it!" It was SO funny. She called her mom back and her mom said "Good job boys!" She thought it was hilarious. Anyway, best April Fool's ever. We rule. No one can get us now. Thats what they get for Elder Mclean and I growing up with dads that were natural pranksters! lol.

Well I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything! I look forward to talking to you soon! :D Take care of yourselves! Love ya!
Elder Penman

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