Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 2nd E-mail

Whats going on?!! things are absolutely crazy here! I wasn't going to but i will go ahead and tell you. lol. So this week was an absolute miracle I was on exchanges with the Deerpark missionaries... I was with Elder Holtom who is a great missionary. We were in his area and he was driving. We were headed to a members home to tell them some good news about a place that we found for this family they knew to live in and their driveway (along with everyone else's driveway in deerpark and the surrounding areas) was like a mile long. It was a dirt road so we were driving at a pretty fast speed.. (way too fast) and we took a few corners...well we had one corner that turned to the right and not only that but it was a blind corner. It was wet and there were leaves everywhere... well we took the corner and our back tires slid and when the back left tire slid over the bank the car bottomed out and FLIPPED! Next thing i know we are hanging upside down in our seat belts! I know for a fact that we are and were watched over! We are both fine now! That car is totalled but we literally walked away. Elder Holtom had some scratches on his wrist from crawling out of the car with all the broken glass everywhere and i had a bump on my head from where the roof caved in and drilled me :D but that is it! Our backs were both a little stiff the next 2 days but seriously we are fine... its a miracle! We are seriously so thankful to be alive right now. But trust me when i say we are ok.. mom don't freak out and call the mission pres... and don't worry... :D But talk about crazy! I will send some pics... so you will see what happened but it was absolutely nuts! We are so grateful! So lesson learned! Don't drive fast on dirt roads and definitely don't take the corners! Other good news is that we had 3 investigators at church! Two of them are a new couple and it was their first time at church! and it was perfect because the wife (their names are Bruce and Laura) and Laura had her dad pass away and she didn't deal with it too well.. well one of the guys at church who just lost his wife this week got up and bore his testimony about eternal families and he was smiling and he did a very good job it was amazing! as Bro. Barns was bearing his testimony the spirit was so strong! I couldn't believe it! How could a man get up the week of his wife's death that he had been married to for 56 years and be so at ease? That is the peace that only the gospel can bring into a persons life! That is a true testimony of this gospel! Well I am running out of time! i got 1 minute left! So i will just say that i love you guys so much! I am fine! Please don't worry about me! But that was a pretty darn cool story! I will forever be known as part of the coolest car crash in the mission! woot! lol! I love you guys! take care!
Elder Penman

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Shelly said...

For some reason my page isn't showing your blog updates. I thought you didn't post emails for a couple weeks. I am SO glad they are okay. That is just crazy.