Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21st E-mail

Whats happening?!?! Well this week was ok. We found an awesome new investigator. His name is Gary and he had met with missionaries in the past and at one time he even had a date to be baptized.. But then he ended up falling and breaking his ribs and messing up his shoulder and well everything got off track from there... But he has no longer slipped through the cracks! we found him and he is wanting to get his life back on track! So we will see how that goes. Other than that this week was ok. We had a really good district meeting. Elder Allred I (<-- that means the 1st) gave a really good training that was nice to see. I'm very glad that he has grown up a little bit... not much but a little bit... You know i really haven't got sick that much on my mission... I have been blessed. But yesterday I woke up at like 4 in the morning and it was on! I puked my guts out all morning until about noon and i was white as a sheet and i just layed there the rest of the day. My back was killing me and i couldn't get comfy and finally last night i took a super hot bath with some epsom salts and oh boy did it feel good! The Ashtons have a pretty big bathtub but it is upstairs.. So i got up the stairs.. I barely had enough energy to get that far.. And then after the bath it drained all the rest of the energy that i had and so when i stepped out of the bath tub i just about fell flat on my face lol! and i had to sit on the toilet just to regain enough to put my clothes on... so i was pretty dang bad but i got back downstairs and well i crashed... and i slept great.. Elder Allred took numbers for me last night and everything.. So i am glad that is over! I still feel a little weak and no i wont be playing ball today... But I feel SO much better today than i did yesterday! I have no idea what it was! but i did get a blessing from my comp and Brother Ashton and so i will be fine :D! It was nuts though.. The second time i woke up to puke at like 4:30 Elder Allred woke up too and he came and opened the bathroom door and my face in burried in the toilet and he was just standing there watching me and he goes are you alright? :D It was kinda funny.. But I'm all better now. We are still working our little butts off. I'm glad that you got to spend some time with Shannon! That sucks that the power was out though... lol! I cant believe that BYU lost too... that sucks.. That's good that Highland won though! I hope they keep it up! Take care of yourselves! Thanks for all you do and for all your prayers! I love ya! Elder Penman

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