Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22nd E-mail

So What is going on?!?! How have you guys been? so you are about to go out and see Shel and Tyler eh? That is going to be way fun! I am jealous! :D Well mom good luck with that job that would be nice to have an extra $10,000 coming in for my college fund? LOL I'm just messing.. i heard from thorny and he said it was way good to see you guys! He is cool. I wonder if he will be married by the time i get home? hmm. mom i think I am missing out on the Stan joke cause i have no idea who the heck that is.. but it sounds like he is gay maybe? hmm. Well this week was fabulous for me! We had a baptism on Saturday which was for Koreena Elaine Grant! she is 9 years old and Saturday night she asked me to confirm her on Sunday and so i did! It was awesome! I am very glad that she asked me to do that.. The work is picking up again though.. We have one investigator in particular that i would ask you guys to pray for and her name is Tina Greensfield.. She is about 35 with 2 kids and she is single.. her kids are 15 and 13 and we are teaching the mom and the 13 year old daughter right now.. When we taught Tina the restoration and invited her to read 3 Nephi 11 she said she would and then when we went back to check up on her she said that she read the whole thing and we were like good (thinking she read the whole chapter) what did you think of the chapter? and she said no i read the whole thing... We were like the whole book? and she said ya the whole book... and we were like WHOA! It took her 2 evenings.. a total of like 8 hours.. and then she asked us for another one to give to her friend! and in the process her boyfriend moved out because they got in a fight over something (I think it was our fault.. but that's ok cause i would love to take the credit) So the Lord is preparing her and she doesn't even know it.. but we already invited her to prepare herself for baptism and she accepted! woot! and so please pray for her and her daughter Sam... well and her rebellious son who is 15 and i don't know his name.. :D but this week they are going to come to church so we are way excited! so it has been a pretty good week so far.. We played some mad basketball today and i am way sore! We had transfers and some good ballers came up here so it was pretty dang competitive... I love it! I just don't do it enough.. and i swear the mission ruins you physically.. but oh well I can still throw down so its not too bad :D Well I love you guys a ton! thanks for everything that you do for me! Its good to hear that you guys are doing good! I pray for ya! I love you! take care!
Elder Penman

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