Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greetings From Elder Goob

Hey! Hows it going?!?! Well it is going pretty well here! Its fun to hear all of your funny stories throughout the week! I finally got to do my first paint job! I know it took me quite a while but I finally got it in. We painted a less-active member's bathroom! The day before we painted it she was dying her hair and almost suffocated herself in the bathroom! She couldn't breathe and she was flinging her hair around and the stuff got all over the walls and she couldn't get something on her computer to work and so she called us crying. We came and said we would go grab some paint and we would be there at 8 tomorrow to repaint the bathroom. She tried to tell us no but you know how that works... so ya it was fun except that bathrooms are just cutting stuff in the whole time and so hrrp... It was funny cause her husband who is a non-member tried fixing some patches above the shower with caulk and his finger and so we dug it all out and spackled it and sanded it and made it look really nice and then re-caulked the whole tub and so it was pretty funny! Well this week was really fun and pretty successful! We have 4 people on-date now and we started 3 people on the quit smoking workshops... The one lady that we put on date we had only taught her once and dropped by another time and gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet, but then when we came back and her crazy neighbor wasn't there she had really good questions for us and she was really interested and so we taught her 3 lessons in one... just cause she kept asking questions that lead to other stuff. So we taught her, and she smokes and lives with her baby's daddy but they aren't together.. but her date is July 5th and so she has little time to either get together with him or move out and to stop smoking! She can do it I know she can! So we are probably going to see her every day! Cause that's what you do with on-dates.. but ya that was pretty cool.. her name is Sandy! We have her on-date and don't even know her last name :D oops... but anyways this week has been really good! I wrote my mission pres last week and just told him that things were going good and he wrote back today and said "that's good that you are starting off good because I expect great things from you." So that made me feel good! Pres is so awesome! We had zone conference this week! It was way fun! I learned a lot! and I had an opportunity to give my greenimony and then you get to hear the trunkimonies! Ya its pretty cool though! This week we are holding a baptism for a 10 year old boy his name is Cason Brennan. His mom and 3 sisters were baptized just before I got here! They are way cool. It is going to be awesome because as a mission on the 29th of this month it is a big bring a friend to church day. The talks are going to be stuff that new people need to know about us.. like the fact that we are christian.. lol no but just basic stuff and it is going to be really good. Our ward's goal is to get 50 people there, and our mission's goal is 1000 people. We will be confirming Cason on the 29th. So it will be perfect because it will weed the people out for us so that we don't have to waste time because they will either feel the spirit really strong and recognize that it is of God or they will harden their hearts and never want to come back.. so it will work just fine! Elder Clyde is doing both the baptism and the confirmation, which is good. It will be a great meeting! I am really excited to see pictures of the house! I really want to see how it all turned out! Oh I have a really funny story but I cant remember if I wrote it in my journal or if I wrote it to you or not but I will just tell you and if you have heard it before then you can laugh again cause its funny! OK so me and my comp are walking to an appt. and this little kid comes up to us and stands with his arms and legs out as far as they would go (like we couldn't walk by him) so we stopped and he says to us, "you got any cigarettes?" and we both got these really surprised looks on our faces and my comp goes "did you just say cigarettes?" and the kid says ya, you got any? We laughed and said no and he goes "you got any money?" and we laughed and said no and walked around him. Then I said wait and I turned around and asked him how old he was because I wanted to write it in my journal and he said "I'm 5." LOLOL!! A 5 year old! I mean its really sad that the 2 most important things that he has learned from his parents are cigarettes and then money! But it is freaking hilarious that a 5 year old stops us and asks us that! We were laughing so hard! But ya not everyone is crazy but we have run into a few! :D Well anyways I love you guys so much! I would tell you to go ahead and read this to everyone but I guess you can just throw it on the blog :D Which BTW I need the URL for because my comp wants to give it to his parents so that he doesn't have to write them anymore :D:D They can just hear whats going on through me! Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all of your prayers! We are so blessed! Take care and send me pics!
Love/Elder Goob

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